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Fresh, premium, authentic Japanese seafood cuisine


Donburi is the quintessential Japanese comfort meal. It consists of a rice bowl topped with ingredients ranging from raw fish, cooked meat, and vegetables. Donburi is always served in a large bowl, giving it its distinctive name.

Due to its reputation as a complete meal, donburi is commonly considered to be healthy. It is enjoyed by everyone in Japan from office workers to school children, making it a common household dish.

Donburi makes for a full, satisfactory meal — especially when it comes to seafood varieties. Complemented by individual sauces with comforting tastes, they are great culinary experiences.



Hana Don offers the quintessential “sea in a bowl” experience to everyone who walks through its doors. Refined and reverent, Hana Don embodies the true spirit of Japanese cuisine, serving diners traditional dishes imbued with modern-day flavours focusing on premium quality ingredients.

Our inspired take on traditional culinary craftsmanship has led to our well-received omakase-inspired menu. Fresh, seasonal worldwide imported seafood ingredients and our craftsmanship are demonstrated in extensive preparation techniques.  

Incredibly delicious and also a feast for the eyes, our Instagram-worthy dishes are a hit with Toronto’s foodie crowd and have widespread appeal.

At Hana Don, diners are offered an opportunity to appreciate true, genuine Japanese donburi. More than just a “rice bowl,” donburi is everyone’s chance to enjoy Japanese cuisine distilled into its purest form — “sea in a bowl.”

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